Processing results

Processing results

The parts drilled at our company are rolling rolls of steel mills for steel-related products, cylinders of injection molding machines and extruders for industrial machinery, center holes for screws, aircraft engines and parts, ship propeller shafts and precision machinery. Used for journal bearings, etc.

In this way, the BTA deep hole drilling technology is used throughout all industries.

Aerospace industryAircraft leg parts, jet engines, special alloy seamless pipes (Hastelloy, Inconel, Nickel)
Automotive industryHydraulic cylinder, piston, camshaft
Railway industryVehicle axis
Shipbuilding industryPropeller shaft, intermediate shaft, engine parts
Steel relatedRoll sleeve, pinch roll, calendar roll, mold, coupling, mandrel shaft
Industrial machineryHollow shaft, drum shaft, spindle, cylinder for injection molding machine, shield machine parts
Power generation related equipmentReactor inner pipe, core special pipe, turbine loader, water axle
Oil well gas industryStainless steel seamless pipe, oil holes
Defense industryCannon barrel
othersBall screw

Materials range from general steel to difficult-to-cut materials such as aluminum, titanium, Inconel, and copper.
As for the shape, he can process various shapes such as round bars, square lumbers, and irregularly shaped lumbers.

≪ Work fixing / stationary processing example ≫

● Square lumberSUS420190L×430L×5,600LDrill a large number of holes with hole diameters of φ18 and φ20 and a depth of 5,600L.
● rollSCM440φ370×φ950×7,500LDrill a large number of holes with hole diameters of φ25 and φ65 and a depth of 5,900L.
● Manifold blockSS400700L×800L×1,500LDrill 65 intermittent holes with hole diameters from φ14 to φ145
● Drill 65 intermittent holes with hole diameters from φ14 to φ145Chilledφ465×φ815×6,450LPenetrate through 30 holes of φ30

≪ Work rotation processing example ≫

● Propeller axisSF60φ930/φ315×19,900LHole φ125 penetration
● pipeSM440Aφ780×7,000LHole φ700 penetration
● Difficult-to-cut materialTitaniumφ160×2,850LHole φ125 penetration
● Difficult-to-cut materialInconel 718φ110×2,500LHole φ65 x 2,300 Stop
● Nuclear partsSUS316Lφ250×4,800LHole φ95 / φ125 with steps
● Aircraft partsSCM材φ180×2,200LHole φ50 ~ φ120 8 stepped hole
● Machine relatedSCM440φ100×8,900LHole φ30 penetration, 300 times the hole diameter
● Hydraulic cylinderSTKM13Aφ300×6,000LHole φ270 penetration, wall thickness 15t
● Rolling rollR80Aφ680×φ985×7,700LWeight 35 tons, hole φ135 penetration, φ60 residual core
● Billetcopperφ280×1,100LDrilling φ175

In addition, we undertake various BTA deep drilling processes. Please contact us.

φ105 × 2700mm Dragonfly penetration processing
Material SS400

φ195 × 1000mm One-way penetration processing
Material SCM435

φ40 × 2600mm Plover dragonfly processing
Torso eccentricity Material FOD51

φ60 × 6000mm Dragonfly penetration processing
Material S45C

φ80 × 1000mm One-way penetration processing
Material Inconel

φ255 × 5500mm One-way penetration processing
Material STKM20A

φ160 × 1000mmと φ200 × 5000mm
2-step hole processing Material KSF60

φ160 × 1000mm Eccentric hole processing
Material SFVAF28

φ15 × 6000mm Dragonfly penetration processing
Material AISI4150H