President's Message

Since our establishment in 1959, we have not only provided deep-drilling processing to the materials entrusted to us by our customers, but also provide consistent services including the pre- and post-deep-drilling processing processes. Has been solved.
Looking at the customers who are deep-drilling by industry, the aerospace industry, automobile industry, railway industry, shipbuilding industry, steel industry, industrial machinery, power generation related equipment, oil well gas industry, defense industry, etc. , It is wide-ranging. In addition, the number of customers with whom we do business exceeds several thousand, and many of our customers have built relationships since our founding. We are proud to support Japan's heavy industry as an unsung hero of the Japanese economy.
Deep hole drilling technology has been around for a long time, but there are many customers who do not yet know deep hole drilling technology. By incorporating deep hole drilling technology into product design, it is possible to reduce manufacturing costs and shorten delivery times.
We will continue to contribute to society by continuing to provide products and services that earn the trust of our customers as a company that solves our customers' problems while changing with the times.
We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Japan BTA Co., Ltd.
Akiko Yabuki, President and CEO

Company profile

Trade name     Japan BTA Co., Ltd.
Representative     Akiko Yabuki, President and CEO
Founded     April 1959
employee     100 people
Capital     60 million yen
Main bank     Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kyobashi Branch

Corporate history

1959年 April Introduced BTA deep drilling technology from Germany and started selling BTA deep drilling machines and tools
1964年 July Started exporting tools to American Heller
1965年 September Started exporting tools to Gebrudell Heller (Germany)
1966年 May Opened a drilling factory in Kamata and started deep drilling processing
1968年 May Constructed Sagamihara Factory in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and started deep-drilling.
1969年 September Constructed Kakogawa Factory in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, and started deep-drilling.
1971年 February Constructed a Kazo factory in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture, and started manufacturing BTA deep-drilling machines and various processing machines.
1975年 May Sagamihara factory expansion
1978年 April Started manufacturing automatic assembly machines at Kazo Factory
1982年 August Established Akashi Factory in Futami, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, and relocated Kakogawa Factory
1982年 October Started manufacturing BTA method deep drilling tools at Kazo Factory
1985年 March Started manufacturing molds at Kazo Factory
1991年 October Started manufacturing parts supply equipment at Kazo Factory
1998年 October Started manufacturing flight simulators at Kazo factory
2011年 April Akashi Factory ISO9001 acquisition
2013年 April Started manufacturing 6-axis industrial robots at Kazo Factory
2015年 December Sagamihara factory ISO9001 acquisition
2018年 June Sagamihara factory JISQ9100 acquisition
2020年 April Changed the name from "Sagamihara Factory" to "Sagami Factory"
2021年 September 2021 Business Restructuring Subsidy Adopted at Kazo Factory

Headquarters / factory location