Flow from inquiry / quotation to delivery

We manufacture tools, boring bars, oil pressure heads, and related parts necessary for deep hole drilling.

When making inquiries, please let us know the specific processing details, method, shape, and BTA-related parts so that we can respond quickly and accurately.

Please post the following items.

allRequired item

    Name Mandatory
    Contact phone number Mandatory
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    Contact email address Mandatory
    Contents of inquiry Mandatory

    ・BTA tool

    Tool diameterφ(mm) Mandatory
    Work material Mandatory
    Processing method Mandatory
    Tools used Mandatory
    Special processing Mandatory

    ・Boring bar

    Outer diameter(d) Mandatory
    Inner diameter(d1) Mandatory
    screw(b1) Mandatory
    screw(b4) Mandatory
    full length(L) Mandatory
    Screw shape(L) Mandatory

    ・Oil pressure head

    We can manufacture internal parts (rubber seals, rotating rings, subranges, boring bushes, bar guides).
    Please contact us by email.

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