〒252-0002 2-16-11 Komatsubara, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

As the Sagami Factory of Nippon BTA Co., Ltd., this factory is located in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is in charge of eastern Japan from Hokkaido to Nagoya.

Specializing in deep hole drilling using the BTA method, we have about 50 years of history and experience, and have collaborated with various industries such as defense-related, shipbuilding-related, aircraft-related, machine tools, and industrial machinery-related.
Taking full advantage of our greatest features such as large diameter and processing length, we accept processing range up to square processing diameter Φ200 mm x processing length 6 m, round object processing diameter Φ530 mm x processing length 22 m.

On-site technicians, from veterans with 30 years of service to newcomers who entered this year, are young with an average age of 30s, and the on-site, sales, and other staff will work together to meet the various needs of everyone.

Mechanical equipment

UnitMachined hole diameter mmProcessing length mmMaximum swing diameterChuck maximum diameterMaximum diameter of steady restMaximum processing weight tonnage
120~380 700~6,50082080055010
250~230 600~2,4006605703203
312~105 600~2,5005904703003
410~60 350~1,5005002602501
530~120 400~1,5005004002501
7-110~120 500~6,000High heart 800Tool rotationFloor type30
7-220~200 500~5,000High heart 810Tool rotationFloor type30
840~560 1,000~22,6001,2671,1301,05030
940~560 800~7,0001,2671,1301,05030
1015~160 1,000~8,20075058050010
1110~100 270~2,0004402602501
1212~100 400~1,5006003102501

In addition, 6-shaku lathe, 8-shaku lathe, 16-shaku lathe, 20-shaku lathe, 40-shaku lathe, milling machine, tool grinding machine, etc.


・In front of "Minami-Rinkan Station" on the Odakyu Enoshima Line
 Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus small 02 bound for "Odakyu Sagamihara Station" ・ Hayashi 03 bound for "AEON MALL Zama"
 Get off at "Komatsubara"
 (Bus travel time: about 15 minutes)


・In front of "Odakyu Sagamihara Station" on the Odakyu Odawara Line
 Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus Small 02 bound for "Minami-Rinkan Station"
 Get off at "Komatsubara"
 (Bus travel time: about 15 minutes)


・In front of "Sagami-Otsuka Station North Exit" and "Sagamino Station" on the Sotetsu Line
 Sotetsu Bus bound for "Minamirinkan Station"
 10 minutes walk after getting off at "Hibarigaoka 1-chome"
   (Bus travel time: about 10 minutes)


・About 30 minutes on foot from "Chuo-Rinkan Station" on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line