Japan BTA Co., Ltd.

since  1959


 What is “BTA”?

This is the question we frequently receive from our clients.

BTA is an acronym for “Boring & Trepanning Association.” BTA is one of the methods to drill
and process a deep hole into raw metals. Due to its unique mechanism, metal chips produced
from drilling goes into separate bucket without staying inside a hole. Thus, it maximizes the
drilling efficiency as well as the quality and precision of end products.

Japan BTA was established in 1959 to distribute deep hole processing equipment. Later on,
we opened up factories in Sagamihara and Kakogawa (later moved to Akashi) to start our
own line of BTA-method deep hole processing.

At Kazo factory, we started manufacturing BTA-method deep hole processing machines and
tools. Since the foundation of our company in 1959, we have consistently engaged in the
business of BTA-method deep hole processing related.

In 1999, Japan BTA started developing flight simulators that are utilized for Professional use,
Educational use, and Amusement use. 

Deep hole processing

  lDeep hole processing too

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